Nikon M-308 Tactical Scope

If you have a long-distance, heavy-caliber rifle, you are right to have the scope to fulfill your goal. This Nikon M-308 Tactical Scope was built to serve the purpose of handling large-caliber rifles, capable of long-range accuracy.


Nikon M-308 Tactical Scope will make your vision accurate !

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Reticle & Parallax:

The Nikon® M-308 Rifle Scope is built practically for the use with current AR-platform rifles loaded in .308 Win.(7.62 NATO).

The BDC 800 reticle model aims at zeroing at 100 yards with remnant points out to 800 yards accordingly. The M-308 uses a side focus parallax alteration handle entitled to the adjustment knob for effectively correcting parallax at different ranges.


The M-308 features 4-time zoom range and provides users enormous flexibility for shooting where ranges are continually evolving round.


Nikon's Ultra ClearCoat™ Optical System creates sharp, high-contrast ultimate views of the objective, and over the whole field of at all magnification settings; the mentioned system paves the way to improve excessive luster and brightness for use even in low-light conditions.


​With Nikon's Ultra ClearCoat optical system, a hunter will get more bright images even he looks through the Scope at the 16X magnification at sunset.


The NIKON M-308 is built of an uncommonly rugged, 1-piece aircraft grade made of aluminum alloy tube. Windage and elevation adjustments here is right 1/4-M.O.A. having spring-stacked, zero-reset turrets. A quick focus eyepiece and liberal eye relief permit exact focus and shield both the shooter's and hunter's eyebrow from recoil.

​The Eye Box technology gives a shooter 4" of constant eye relief for an easy shooting, even if he has to look through the Scope for a long time until his shot is just right.

      Features HIghlights

  • Zero-reset turrets
  • Liberal eye relief
  • Ultra ClearCoat Optical System
  • 4-time zoom range
  • Adjusted BDC 800 reticle for the 308 cartridge
  • Side central parallax adjustment knob
  • Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof.


Established in 1917, Nikon is one of the earliest imaging business firms there is. Which is why this evaluation regarding one of their newest items the Nikon M-308 will certainly be interesting also for those that are not proficient with rifles.

After the success that Nikon appreciated with the M-223 collection, they chose|made a determined to introduce three, even more, access that is quality particulars. The M-308 is specially adjusted for the.308 Winchester cartridge.

​If you just recently got yourself a Winchester and also had been dealing with getting an excellent riflescope to couple with your gun, you could want to read this Nikon M-308 review and also see exactly just what this riflescope might supply you and, why you should be considering it in the future.

​The Likes and Dislikes of Using a Nikon M-308


​As you will see in this Nikon M-308 review, there are lots of exciting and also innovative functions that are loaded right into the scope. Each of these is critically believed to provide the best practical experience under all situations.


​1. Durable rifle scope The Nikon M-308 includes a BDC 800 reticle that is shockproof, waterproof and also fog proof|. These features protect the riflescope from outside elements and also allow it provide much longer service also under various weather components.

​2. Top quality performance With an Ultra ClearCoat optical system and also a BDC -800 reticle, the scope also has functions like a 4 × zoom proportion and also a fast activity turrets that supply the single supreme vision as well as adaptability with exactly just how they could make use of the scope. You are ensured of high-performance and-and also delivery courtesy of the variety of features that feature the rifle scope.

​3.Outstanding rifle scope lens Totally multicoated optics with a side objective lens (42mm) with an exit pupil of 2.62-10.55 mm total with a flip-open lens cover offer as much as 95% of light transmission. The lens is useful throughout the day until sunset. The flip-open cover maintains the integrity of lens intact and also shields it from the ground up and also a build-up of dirt.

​4. Significant scope Despite an extensive variety of features and also a lot of wiggle space as displayed in this Nikon M-308 reviews, the scope is constructed from one-piece main body tube makings it easier to deal with and to mount.

The dimension of the lens keeps the mechanics of holding the weapon undamaged and can be easily used for offhand shooting without needing additional aids.


​To start with, the rifle scopes excellent as it is developed for particular types of| guns. As much as there are rather some rifles that fit the.308 category, there are plenty much more that are shut out.

Certainly, this implies that owners of other kinds of guns may| not find the tool helpful and also if you need to buy the device and own| a rifle that is not equal quality, you may have to purchase a brand-new rifle too to earn the most out of the scope.


​Also, due to the BDC reticle, the rifle scope is best used for short variety applications of listed below 500 yards. Within such variety, the scope is quite exact however is reasonably precise at longer types. With sufficient experience, it is feasible to make use of the scope over long range with a lot of success.

​Including a built-in 20 MOA slope, users that are not very skilled to determining the distance may discover making use of the feature somewhat difficult particularly in varieties other than 100 yards as a result of the exact and also fragmented dimension. A necessary evil that you can find out in time.

​The single body build is significantly highlighted in this Nikon M-308 review and decreases the weight and also a dimension of the scope considerably. However, that also makes it much less mobile because you cannot take it apart for even more affordable keeping on transit.

​Who Is this Product Suited For?


​The Nikon M-308 is a quality specific details riflescope. It is constructed to make the most of the performance of the.308 rifles.

Also, based on some features of the rifle scope, like the magnification and the light-weight and also important nature of the scope, the M-308 is best used for hunting. It may also be outstanding to function within a shooting variety. However, it is somewhat shorthanded to be made use of for battle.

​When it concerns scopes, top quality and also efficiency seldom ever before attribute in the same summary with affordable price. The Nikon M-308 is not just cost effective yet supplies full worth for the cash with a thoroughly picked collection of attributes that make it much better adjusted for usage.

​It is an excellent scope to think about for hunters as well as for exercising at a shooting variety. It is also a suitable choice if you're considering it as your initial scope. Wishing this Nikon M-308 evaluation has clarified your following rifle extent as well as just what you need to look for.

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