LEUPOLD VX-2 1.5-4x28 IER Scout Scope, Duplex Reticle

If you have a heavy-caliber rifle and are looking for a rifle scope that will give an exceptional performance, then look no further than the LEUPOLD VX-2 1.5-4x28 IER Scout Scope, an excellent scope with duplex, a quantum optical system with indexed matched lens system and diamond coat with 2nd generation Argon/Krypton waterproof.This device is reasonably priced and thus will meet your expectation.

Leupold, an internationally recognised brand of a rifle scope remains promised to provide its customers and patrons with quality products and better services that are reliable and easy to use.
The manufacturers  make Leupold riflescopes up for the most challenging shooters; It makes they can do a few more demands for different dials,custom finishes, and laser etching at for their clients. It’s a matter of fascination that the scope smiths who have made the world’s finest shooting optics might make it happen.

The VX-2 1.5-4x28mm Scout scope offers astounding pace, undeniable durability, and variable magnification, all in an optic that has been projected to be built forward of the receiver.

leupold vx 2

They make the VX-2 IER Scout Rifle Scope up to provide with a period of high performance for the users and beneficiaries

 The Leupold’s Quantum Optical System holds state-of-the-art optical and automatic design software and assembling to give you razor sharp precision and increasing visible light transmission.

They accomplish waterproofing with their 2nd generation argon/krypton waterproofing. It works better than the already proven nitrogen gas. It practically excludes the implements of thermal shock.

Using their index matched lens system, a Leupold has coat for each lens is based on the ratio of refraction. The top result is unparalleled brilliance and sharp resolution across the full visual field. 

To hold your scope clear for a life, Diamond Coat on the external lenses allows the ultimate in abrasion resistance and light transmission. 

The ¼ MOA turrets make it satisfying to dial in the correct elevation and the blackened lens edges,for it reduces unwanted glare so you look at a crisp sight picture as you pick up your shot. Take along the VX-2 IER Scout on your next experience and recognize your scope will not let you down.

No need to worry when your trophy presents a shot;The generous eye box means you can rapidly reach a whole, sharp sight picture.


Weather Friendly

Of all the Scout scope, Leupold has the best quality regarding weather resistant. It is made of a 2nd generation Argon/Krypton which makes it waterproof, fog proof and of course the casing is of material which absorbs shock.

Diamond Coat

The scope is diamond coat giving it a unique look which makes it beautiful.The only rare scope will you find in the market which is a diamond coat. Therefore, this scope is not only beautiful but is resistant to scratches and thus durable over time.

​Shorter Eye Relief

Like all Leupold scopes, this is a very well made product, the only concern is that the eye relief can be a little longer for application on a Rugergun site Scout. You, therefore, have to be very conscious when using this scope for shooting to avoid heavy recoil injuries to your eyes.

​Other Features

Apart from the above mention features, this scout scope, has a duplex reticle scope with a better quantum optical system and an Index matched lens system.

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