How To Choose The Best Rifle Scope

When you are outdoors for shooting or hunting, you want to enjoy yourself by making accurate shots or the time. Sometimes using your bare eyes doesn’t deliver the best outcome because your sight is limited to a particular distance.However, you can gradually learn how to choose the best rifle scope if you go through the articles with patience.

For instance, if you are out hunting deep in the woods, your shots are likely to be short because you are limited to the amount of space that you can see.

This means that you should be equipped with the right equip yourself with the right rifle scope without spending too much money so that you can get an improved vision.

Having the best rifle scopes will benefit you in some ways. You will be in a position to get accurate shots, get better identification of target, faster recovery, range estimation and shoot for longer ranges among other benefits. As a die-hard hunter you absolutely depend on the best long range rifle scope so as to get the ultimate game.

Thousands of rifles scopes are available on the market, so how do you choose the best rifle scope that will meet your needs?

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Rifle Scope

I’m sharing with you some of the important things you should look at when you are purchasing a rifle scope. If you take these important factors into consideration, you will indeed get the best rifle scope that will help you target great through magnification.


For most people, the price is the primary consideration that they look at when they are purchasing a rifle scope. Rifle scopes come in different prices ranging from $100, $400 and even $1200. It all depends on with the amount of money that you have at your disposal.

Once you have set the right budget, you will get quite a variety of scopes that will suit your budget needs. This will ensure that you get a product that meets your shooting needs.


Of course, you do not want to go for a rifle scope that will break down after using it a couple of days. The best rifle scopes should offer great shooting for an extended period. Depending on the brand, you can get rifle scope with different housing for easy handling and durability.

It is important to check out that the screws of the scope are always tight. When you are turning the adjustment knob, you should feel a click, meaning the scope is perfectly screwed.


Power Settings

How do you intend to see your targets? Do you want to shoot a target at 100 yards or 1000 yards away? When you are shooting a target where the distance power setting is not more than10-14x, a scope with lower power will do fine.

But if the distance is quite big, you would love to have a variable with up to 20 power. It is also worth nothing that the higher the power, the more the clarity of the image will be distorted.

Ease of Adjustments

Adjusting your scope is necessary when you need to turn from one yard to the other. It should be easy to make the right adjustments by turning using your hands. In most scopes, they are designed with knobs with covers and in others they are open.

If you need to make the best shooting, always make sure that you have made the right adjustments for the best results.

Objective Lens Size

 Different scopes come with varying objective lenses. The larger the size of the objective lens, the more the light gathered by the scope. This ensures that you get quality and clear images all the time.

If you want to get a wider view, a scope with a large objective lens will be perfect. Again, the lower the power, the large the field of view.


Reticles come in different types such as crosshair, duplex, and Mildot among others. The Mildot has been used in the military for a long time. These types of reticles hold well in elevation and wind, and they can also be used for leads in moving targets.


When you are buying a rifle scope, it is also important to look at some other accessories such as scope covers, bases, and rings. Bases can be found in one piece or two pieces, flat or tapered. One piece is better because they keep the rifle and the scope together, and they flex less as compared to a two-piece.

If you want to make adjustments for longer ranges, a tapered base will be perfect. Rings are also ideal for tightening the scope. Again, you will need to have a cover for your rifle scope to keep it well protected.

The Eye Relief

The eye relief refers to the distance from the ocular lens to the full field of view. A good rifle scope should provide you with a generous eye relief so that you are prevented from getting a black eye.


Almost all rifle scopes that you will come across offer a certain level of magnification. Some of the scopes are designed with fixed power while others the power is denoted by 4x, which means that the scope enlarges the images up to four times from what you see using your naked eyes.

You can look for a variable power scope that gives you the chance to adjust the magnification depending on your current situation.

Other Considerations

  • You can look at the brand of the rifle scope
  • Whether the scope is waterproof or fog proof
  • Determine the Low Light Capability
  • You can also check the data cards

Final Words

Rifle scopes are very important if you want to make accurate shots. Selecting the best rifle scopes is the best thing that will help you enjoy viewing your targets without any problems.

There are so many quality rifle scopes that are available on the market. If you put the above tips into consideration, you will indeed get the best rifle scope to suit your needs.

You should not experience any hardships choosing the right rifle scope. You can also check some of our reviews of the best rifle scope in our reviews that are perfect for providing the best vision, and they come at affordable prices.

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