Best Tactical Scope – Guide and Reviews

Looking for the best tactical scope? There are lots of good scopes designed for tactical use, and you just have to look closely to find the right one.

Selection can be a little tricky sometimes, especially if you don’t know what to look for in a scope. Furthermore, there are plenty of new innovative features that you might not be well conversant with.


             Best Tactical  Scopes -Comparison


BSA Tactical Weapon

Mueller Tactical Scope

Millett TRS-1

UTG BugBuster Scope

Monstrum Tactical scope

Primary Arms Scope

BSAOptics TW223


BarskaIR Riflescope

Nikon M-308 Scope


4 x










Objective Lens












Recommended Tactical Scope

This review narrows things down for you. It features some of the best scopes designed for tactical use. The scopes in this list are some of the most loved by users for their superior performance. After thorough research and extensive tests, they are the best of the best in the tactical rifle category.

BSA Tactical Weapon 4 x 30mm Rifle Scope with Mil-Dot Reticle, Rings, and AR/SKS Mount

BSATacticalWeapon4x30mmRifle Scope

This is the best tactical scope in this list. It is a compact, rugged optic used for short range to mid-range targets at the range or in the field. It is at the top because it’s more effective, accurate, and flexible than any other scope in the list.

This is the best tactical scope in this list. It is a compact, rugged optic used for short range to mid-range targets at the range or in the field. It is at the top because it’s more effective, accurate, and flexible than any other scope in the list.

​Optimal Performance

It offers a large field of view at an impressive 4.0x magnification, mil-dot reticle, and a generous eye relief. With all these features, it is clear that the scope is made to provide enhanced accuracy. It offers greater weapon usability.

​BrightView Optical Coating

This feature entails multiple coatings applied to the lens surfaces to maximize the overall brightness, abrasion resistance and the clarity of the images. It makes the scope give many visible images that also boast optimal definition.

​Xtreme Climate Protection

Weather seals and the shock resistant construction gives the scope the ability to withstand the rigor of unfavorable weather conditions. It also ensures that the riflescope can cope with the long treks deep into the wild without being affected.


For easy integration with a weapon’s Weaver rail, this scope comes with two-piece Weaver-style ring mounts that have the AR style carry handle mount. This makes it easy to mount, hence saves you the time needed for something else.

​Mueller AO Tactical Rifle Scope, Black, 4-16 x 50mm


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The scope is engineered to allow for easy calculation for bullet trajectory.

 It is a classy piece with multiple advanced features that makes it perfect for tactical use. It is powerful, optimally accuracy and durable

​Finger Adjustment Turrets

Mueller AO Tactical Rifle Scope, Black, 4-16 x 50mm is made with finger adjustment turrets for a much easier windage and elevation adjustments. You don’t have to spend most of your time adjusting the windage and elevation anymore.

​Fully Multicoated Lenses

The lenses are of superb quality and are fully multicoated with camera quality crystal. This feature ensures that you get bright images that also have a lot of contrast. The quality of the image is of great importance for hunting.

Sturdy Build

The scope is strong and sturdy right from the outside structure to the inside features. It is designed to stay safe even in harsh environments and can survive destructive falls. This also makes it durable and can serve you for longer.

​Glass-etched Reticle

The scope features a glass etched reticle that has multiple aiming points. This is designed like that to compensate for the bullet drop of the windage compensation. It also maximizes the clarity of your images.

Millett TRS-1 4-16x50mm Tactical Rifle Scope


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This scope is thoughtfully designed with target shooting, law enforcement, and serious hunting in mind.

 It offers just the right features options that the most demanding scope user requires. Here are some of its impressive qualities;

10 Brightness Settings

It features adjustable green illumination with ten brightness settings that ensure for precision in various light conditions. You can set the brightness to your liking, which makes it one of the best scopes any shooter should try.

​Quality Material

The scope is made from 10 percent quality materials that is well tested and found to deliver flawless performance. With quality material, expect to get a quality performance from the scope. Everything is right from an exterior to interior.

​Robust and Durable

Millett TRS-1 4-16x50mm Tactical Rifle Scope is respected among long range shooters for its robust structure and durability. Besides its remarkable performance, the scope is designed with quality material and workmanship to survive years of serious performance.

​Light Transmission

The reticle glass is illuminated to allow as much light needed as possible for a clearer image viewing. The illumination ensures effective use of the scope even in low light conditions. That makes the scope convenient for long hours of hunting.

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

utg 3-9x32

If you are shopping for a scope for accurate long range shooting, this is the best choice.

 With illuminated reticle, it features a revolutionary structural system designed to be one of the sturdiest and most durable scope.

Tactical Range Estimating

Shooters usually need fast range estimation when shooting. This scope features the Mil-dot reticle with an innovative design that offers reference points. This makes your range estimation quicker and more accurate.

Ring-lock Adjustment Turrets

Resetting zero is a normal requirement when doing the extensive shooting for longer time span. With ring lock adjustment turrets, resting and locking the zero is now possible and easy. It’s a feature that many find timely.

​Long Eye Relief Scope

This scope has an extended eye relief for more comfortable use. This also allows it to be mounted in various applications. Your eyes are safe and can withstand longer hours of accurate shooting without getting hurt.

​SWAT Illumination

The side wheel adjustable turrets situated opposite the windage adjustment turret is for adjusting different levels of green and red illumination in reticle to give your images better color and makes them clearer.

Monstrum Tactical 4×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope with Illuminated Range Finder Reticle


Designed to give optimal performance in the tactical field, this scope is one of the best there is for tactical use in today’s market.

 It is full of innovative features meant to make your shooting experience success.

Crystal Clear Targeting

It is an ultra-compact scope designed to provide you with a clear targeting with its 4x magnification and a 30 mm objective diameter. The clearer the target, the easier it is for you to shoot more accurately. This scope gives you that.

​Glass-range Finder Reticle

The reticle has BDC markings to provide you with an on the fly range estimation plus long-distance targeting. You can identify your target clearly enough to hit it just right. Together with its perfect illumination capability

​Eye Relief

The scope offers a long eye relief of 3.5 inches. That is just the right length to make your viewing a comfortable one and is still not too much to compromise the image quality. Your eye will be safe for longer viewing.

​Compact Design

Monstrum Tactical 4×30 Ultra-Compact Rifle Scope is a pretty strong piece that can survive the harshness that outdoor adventure presents. That is one of the abilities that makes it one of the best scopes.

Primary Arms 4-14X Tactical Scope with Front Focal Plane PA4-14XFFP


The fact that this scope is cheap but beats most expensive scopes makes just perfect to try out. You will get a good deal for your money.

 It is innovatively engineered to provide maximum accuracy even in low light conditions.

​Mil-dot Reticle

Its mil-dot reticle stays true through the scope’s magnification range of 4x to 14x. The scopes’ magnification ability allows you to view your target with ease even when it is at a longer distance away without compromising clarity.


​Mil Click Adjustments

The 0.1 Mil click adjustments provide an efficient match to the reticle to make the sighting in and range adjustment simple and easy. It gives you better control over your scope’s performance and that of the rifle being used.

​Waterproof and Fogproof

The scope has a waterproof and fog proof exterior. The material used on the outside and the designing of the exterior is meant to keep water, fog, and debris out. This way, the interior is protected from possible destructive elements.

​Compact Design

The scope has a sturdy and compact design to enhance its performance. It features a sturdy structure to allow it to stay steady on a rifle so that the accuracy level is not interfered no matter how unstable the situation is.

Streamlight 69240 TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Laser Sight


The fact that this scope is cheap but beats most expensive scopes makes just perfect to try out.

 You will get a good deal for your money. It is innovatively engineered to provide maximum accuracy even in low light conditions.

This is an ultra-compact, super lightweight weapon accessory that vastly improves handgun accuracy both day and night. It can be used on a wide range of handguns. It is easy to use and offers maximum accuracy for a better aim.

Wide Range of Guns

Streamlight 69240 TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Laser Sight is designed to fit a large range of guns. It fits compact and sub-compact hand guns and most full sized hand guns with rails. This makes it a convenient piece.

​Textured Parabolic Reflector

The laser light’s textured parabolic reflector results in a tighter beam shape with adequate peripheral illumination to keep bearings even in pitch dark situations. It means you can use it even in extremely low light situations.

​Ultra Lightweight and Compact

The laser light is compact in design and can be trusted to offer a high level of accuracy. It also boasts of an ultra-lightweight design that allows it to be mounted on a gun without interfering with the overall weight and accuracy.

​Safe and Quick Mounting

The laser light provides easy, quick, and safe mounting through its one-handed Snap-on and tighten interface. The quickness in mounting a laser light is an important factor that enhances the ability to find timely your target.

BSAOptics TW223-14x24CP Tactical Weapon 223 Scope, 1-4x24mm


It is designed specifically for law enforcement and military applications.

 The scope has a beautiful designed and has very powerful optics to help narrow down on your target. It is strong and extremely reliable.

Precision Mil-dot Reticle

The precision mil-dot reticle allows for extra quick target acquisition under any weather condition. Whether it’s raining or you are shooting in foggy weather, the reticle is designed to function at its best to still give you accurate aiming.

Fully Multi-coated Optics

With fully multicoated optics, the scope offers clear images with an outstanding brightness. Its Image definition is one of the best among the tactical scopes of the same class, making it one of the most dependable scopes in a military.

Waterproof, Fogproof and Shockproof

The scope has a waterproof and for proof housing. It is also shockproof and can be used in any environment without being exposed to damages. The case perfectly seals the interior of the scope to protect it from water, fog and debris.

Quality Structure

The scope is made of aluminum two piece body that makes it a very strong piece. The casing is built to last for years of great service. This also makes it a durable product that will remain steadfast even when being used in harsh environments.

Nikon P-223 3×32 Matte BDC Carbine

NikonP-223 3x32MatteBDCCarbine

Nikon produces some pretty amazing scopes for all types of uses, and this particular one is perfect for tactical usage for some reasons.

It is designed with a serious shooter in mind, and rarely disappoints no matter the target’s distance.

Field of View

The P- 223 3×32 carbine is a remarkably compact optic that is specifically designed for the shorter barrel AR rifles. The scope has a larger field of view of 35.6 feet at 100 yards. With such field of view, you can see your target more clearly.

Light Transmission

It has high-quality optics, which are fully multicoated. This allows it to give optimal brightness day and night. With 98 percent light transmission, you can use the scope even when there is only little light, such as at dawn or dusk.


Nikon P-223 3×32 is completely parallax free at 100 yards. This results in compete elimination of parallax. It gives you the pleasure of a precise and accurate shooting. So if you want to hit your target more often than not, this is the right scope.


This fixed power scope is fixed with BDC carbine reticle and is calibrated for the 223 Remington/ 5.56 NATO round. This helps in scope adjustment so as to allow you to engage your targets at various ranges. That also makes it fun to use.

         Barska 1-4×28 IR Riflescope


Barska specifically designed this scope for accurate close-range to mid-range targeting with AR style rifles.

 It features a classy designed that only a few other scope in the same category can get close to. It’s beautiful and powerful.

Top Performance

This scope is built to perform, and its features prove this fact. It is made to work with a wide variety of riffles. Its lowest magnification sets at true 1x but it can zoom up to a magnification of 4x for longer distance targeting.

Comfortable and Durable

This is a high versatility scope that can survive rainy, sunny, light and dark conditions and still performs as expected. To protect your eye while using the scope, it features a built-in sniper-edged sun shade in its housing to cast a shadow.

Waterproof and Fogproof

With a compact structure, the scope is perfectly sealed by the outer casing to prevent water and debris from getting inside the scopes interior. It is CO-2 nitrogen purged and also O-ring sealed to keep out these elements 100 percent.

External Windage/Elevation Turrets

The turrets will assist you to zero quickly in the SWAT-AR. You can then block it into place to prevent unintentional movements. It also improves the level of accuracy so that it becomes easy to lock in your target for a better shot.

  Nikon M-308 Tactical Scope


This is an impressive scope designed for long-range precision and with .302 AR-platform in mind.

 It is equipped with features that prove effective at the range or in the field. Here are some of its many innovative features;

Ultra ClearCoat Optical System

This feature together with the fully multicoated lenses delivers superior image clarity and resolve so that you can see your target much better. Many shooters have attested to like the level of clarity that this scope offers no matter what time it’s being used.

Light Transmission

With up to 95 percent light transmission, the scope allows in enough like for every light condition. Enough light will be transmitted even at dawn or dusk to keep your image clear enough and to allow for a more accurate shooting.

Eye Box Technology

This is another innovative feature that results in 4 inches of noncritical eye relief. This ensures maximum eye safety no matter how long you use the scope consistently. Your eye will not hurt even if you were to look through the scope from dawn to dusk.

Easily Correcting Parallax

The scope utilizes a side-focus parallax adjustment knob to correct easily parallax at various ranges. The knob improves the general efficiency of the scope, and the adjustment is made a lot easier. You can make your adjustments quicker.

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Introduction to the Best Tactical Scope

Truth be told, there is no perfect tactical scope, though there several with very good designs. To find the best, you need to extensively evaluate their abilities about the task at hand. A good tactical scope can be used in any of the following areas;

  • Law enforcement and military application
  • Serious hunting
  • Recreational shooting

Not every scope can serve all the purposes meant for scopes. You must buy the right scope for your intended shooting activity and what you want to achieve with it. You must consider all the relevant features such the level of accuracy, reticle, light transmission, and durability, among other factors.

How to Choose Tactical Scope

If you want to buy the best tactical scope, there are some factors or features that you’ll need to consider. Before you begin the evaluation process, you need to know exactly what you want.What you want to achieve with your tactical scope is to utilize your aptitude. Here are some of the most amazing  features to look closely for;


You need relatively low magnification for a more accurate performance. On full-size silhouette 4x performs better at 500 yards, 6x gives good results at 700 yards, while 10x works better at 1000 yards. Too much magnification isn’t necessary, and can be a severe liability.

Objective Lens Size

Though you can still shoot very well under moonlight using the scopes with 56mm objective lenses, keep in mind that larger scopes have serious drawbacks. They are bulkier, heavier, and easier to knock about. But that’s not all. Larger objective lens means the scope will need to be mounted higher above the bore.

Tube Diameter

Tactical scopes are mainly available with 1 inch, 30mm, 34mm, and 35 mm tube diameters. The larger tube diameter means more robust tube and hence more adjustment. Larger tubes with thick walls also add weight. The most common diameter in tactical scopes is 30mm.

Adjustment Turrets

The windage and elevation turrets are found on the mechanism block that is mounted on the scope’s tube. The turrets control the ballistic adjustments dialed into the scope. The turrets should give very distinct sounding and tactical clicks to allow you to keep easy track of your adjustments.

Parallax Adjustment

With parallax adjustments, the side focus knobs are the rage. Despite this, adjustable objective boasts of the advantage of being more robust and more precise. Just focus on finding the better design since the AOs are no longer important like they used to be, and are fading away from the scene gradually.

                             Final Words

If you are looking for the tactical scope, these are some of the scopes with highly valued features in the scope industry.

Though these tactical scopes share most features, you will find at least one feature that sets each scope apart from the rest.

Many new innovative features have been introduced in some scopes, especially in the most modern scopes. Some of these features have proven relevant for long range shooting while others are just as better as the common features that we are used to.

So, as long as you know what you want to achieve with your scope, you can get a worthy scope for tactical use.

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