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Best Scout Scope | Review and Buying Guide


Nowadays there are so many Scout scopes available in the market. It is very tricky when it comes to choosing the Best Scout Scope that fits your needs. As a result, you should be able to know exactly what type of Scout Scope you want.

You should also be able to know what features you want and where to get the scope having all the features you want. As it is said, knowledge is power and with it, you will get the best Scout.

                    Best Scout Scope-Comparision


   Aim Sports 2-7X42me

  Burris Scout Ballistic Plex

  Aim Sports ScoutScope

 Vortex Optics Crossfire II

 UTG BugBuster Scope

  Tasco World Class

  Nikon Buck Master II

Truglo  Strut N Rut








4-12 x


Objective Lens










Recommended Top Rated Scout Scope

After a lot of research and testing on the available scopes in the market, I came up with a list of top ten scout scopes that you can have a look at.

All of them work perfectly well. It is upon the buyer to go for which one best fit your needs. Enjoy reading their individual reviews and hopefully, you will get one that fits your needs.

Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope

Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope as the name suggests has a magnification ranging between two to seven with 42mm objective lens, and its length is up to a standard of 30mm.

This scope has a rangefinder reticle that offers power and dependability on accurate targeting and does not interfere with normal shooting.


It is Nitrogen charged with weather resistant seals hence fog proof. Its housing is also shock proof. It has an eye relief of 8.5″-10.5″ that provides safety from heavy recoil and enables fast target acquisition.

Its multi-coated lens offers superior light transmission, resolution, and scratch resistance and it costs less than$50.

Magnification is 2X-7X

Magnification is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a scope. The higher the magnification is, the better it is. Higher magnification scopes can focus even a very far away object and bring it very close.

Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope has a magnification of range of X2 to X7. It can, therefore, magnify distant object 7 times.

Long Eye Relief

Eye relief means the distance between your eye and the lens at the back part of the scope that will offer you a full, crisp view. Eye relief ought to be long enough to avoid injuries to the eye arising from high recoil calibers.

A standard scope should have at least an eye relief of 30mm.Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope being a standard scope has exactly what is required, 30mm eye relief.

Large Tube Diameter

Tube diameters are significant because rings must match the diameter. A standard one should be 1 inch or 30mm. Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope has the same.

Objective Lens

Objective lens determines the field of view of a scope. As I said earlier, an objective is a front lens which gathers light. It should, therefore, be big enough to give a bigger field of view.Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope has an objective lens of 42mm.

Larger Length

Aim Sports 2-7X42 30mm Scout Scope has a length of 11.25 inches. You should know that the bigger the length of the scope, the better it is.

Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope

Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope is a great scope from Burris. Burris invented and perfected scout scopes, so it is no wonder they set the standard for optical excellence, durability, and low mounting capabilities.


This scope has high-quality glass and index-matched multi-coatings keeping Burris on the leading edge of Scout scope technology. With as low as $ 351.4, you will have this great scope.

Highest Quality Material

Barris scopes are durable in nature. This is so because they are made using high-quality materials. If you buy one for yourself, you are assured of durability. The high cost of this scope is attributed to its high-quality material.

Quality and Reliability

This Scout scope has undergone scientific testing on quality. It has been found to meet all the required standards. It is, therefore, reliable and worth your money.When you decide to buy any scope, always check if it has passed all the tests. It should be up to standards.

Weather Resistant

Apart from high-quality material, Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope has also been designed to be weather resistant. It is, therefore, waterproof, fog proof and shock resistant. You can use anywhere in the world regardless of the weather condition, and it will still give you the best results.

Ultra-fast target acquisition

This scout scope is very fast in target acquisition. It will not only save you time but also ensure you use less ammunition as you will always hit the target. With this scout, you do not have to close one eye when focusing; both eyes remain open hence less strain.

Multi-Coated lenses

The lenses of this scout scope are multi-coated puttingBurris on the leading edge of Scout Scope technology.

Aim Sports 2-7×42 8.5-10.5″ Long Eye Relief 30MM SCOUT SCOPE/MIL-DOT

Aim Sports Scout Scope is a great choice if you want an affordable scope with more features. It costs less than $50, and it has nice features.


With a magnification range of X2 to X7 and an objective lens of 42mm and a long eye relief of 30mm to protect you from high recoil velocity. The length is awesome, with a green coating and weighing only 14.5 OZ.

Eye Relief: 8.5-10.5.”

One outstanding feature of this Aim Sports 2-7×42 8.5-10.5″ Long Eye Relief 30MM SCOUT SCOPE/MIL-DOT is its long eye relief. It has the longest eye relief of between 8.5 inches and 10.5 Inch giving you a greater safety when using it.


Magnification, as I said earlier, determines how many times you can amplify the object you are viewing. A higher magnification scope is preferred. Aim Sports mil-dot has a magnification range of X2 to X7.

Reticle: Mil-Dot

The reticle of a scout scope can be a simple cross hair, mil dots, and cross hair with a set of smaller lines to compensate for bullet drops of many other variations.This scope has a mil-dot reticle which is the best reticle in the field of scout scope design.

Tube Diameter: 30mm

Tube diameter is very significant because the rings must match it. If the diameter is too small for the rings, then there will be compatibility issues. Thus, this scope has a tube diameter of 30mm and the ring comfortably matches it. Note that this is up to the required standard.

 Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rifle Scope, Dead-Hold BDC Reticle (CF2-31003)

With long eye relief, a fast-focus eyepiece, fully multi-coated lenses and re-settable MOA turrets, there’s no compromising features on the Crossfire II. Clear, tough and illuminated, this riflescope hands other value-priced riflescopes their hat.


The hard anodized single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube is nitrogen purged, and O-ring sealed for waterproof/fog-proof performance.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

The lenses of Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32 Rifle Scope is multi-coated. This increases light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.

Second Focal Plane Reticle

This scope has an additional focal plane reticle. The Scale of reticle maintains the same ideally-sized appearance. Listed reticle sub tensions used for estimating range, holdover, and the wind drift correction are accurate at the highest magnification.

Single-Piece Tube

The tube of this scope is a single piece. This maximizes alignment for improved accuracy and optimum visual performance, as well as ensures strength and waterproofness.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

This scout is constructed from a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum for strength and rigidity.It is, therefore, durable and worth your cash.

Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

This device has a unique design with customized hashmark design which helps eliminate guesswork on holdover and windage corrections. It is good for hunting/shooting at varying ranges where estimating holdover is a concern.

UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope, AO, RGB Mil-dot, QD Rings

This scout has a magnification higher than the already discussed scopes. It magnification range is between X3 and X9 with 32mm objective lens. It has an RGB Mil-Dot, and QD rings making it a special one.

UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope, AO,

The UTG 3-9×32 Bug Buster scope is entirely sealed and 100% nitrogen filled. It is a shock, fog, and rain proof to provide maximum reliability.

True Strength Platform

The design provides long-lasting reliability in these interactions to guarantee precise and responsive windage/elevation adjustment over time. TS have been at the heart of every true Leapers scope for more than a decade and have been thoroughly tested on scope-killer air-guns and elephant rifles with extreme recoil.

Most Demanding Tests

The scout scope has met all the testing and standardization. As they say, they perform their testing based on actual users’ input.They gather usage intelligence from the view of all deployment perspective, carefully analyze their effects and develop appropriate test parameters so as to ensure optimal performance under all conditions.

Premium Lockable and Resettable Turrets

This scope has well-designed and constructed target turrets allowing for crisp, consistent and precise windage and elevation adjustments. Its locking and resetting features protect and complement one of the most critical parts in the optic in the case of proper zeroing.

Parallax Free View from 3 Yards to Infinity

Despite uncommon throughout the market, this particular scope series achieves an impressive and unparalleled parallax-free view from as close as almost in 3 yards out to infinity when using its adjustable wide angle front objective.

RGB Side Wheel Illumination

Leapers/UTG red and green reticle illumination allows for even more effective scope use under diverse environments and lighting conditions. The innovative side wheel control has been introduced for the RGB illumination, getting away from the traditional bulky rheostat on the eyepiece and giving users quick and easy access for reticle light.

Barnett Illuminated Rifle Scope (3 Reticle)

This Barnett Cross 3×32 scope features a multi-reticle crosshair and multi dot system. Red and green illumination enabling a quick aim at targets and distances frequently encountered with a crossbow.


It fits on a 7/8″ dovetail base, and scope rings are included. Also, it is reasonably priced with as low as $96.38 you will get one for you.

Comes with scope rings

You will not have to buy scope rings separately with Barnett Illuminated Rifle Scope. The cost of the scope is inclusive of the rings.

Multi-Reticle Cross-Hair

The scope has 3×32 multi-reticle cross-hairs and a multi dot system having both red and green illumination.The Multi-Reticle system enables a quick aim at targets and distances frequently encountered with a crossbow.

Dovetail base

This scope is compatible with 7/8″dovetail base. If you already have the dovetail base, then you don’t have to purchase another one.

Tasco World Class 3-9×40 Riflescope w/30/30 Reticle (Matte)

If you have not yet decided on what to scope to purchase, then continue reading. Tasco World Class Riflescope has a magnification of X3 to X9 with 40mm objective lens and costs only $45.99.


It is the cheapest scope of all the ten scopes I have discussed here. It is trusted by the world over, whether you’re an avid huntsman, military, or recreational user, Bushnell will fit the mold for everything.

With its high-quality optics, beautiful design, a large objective lens that boosts light-gathering power and a good range of magnification and of course weather friendly; this scope is affordable to everyone and if you have not decided on what scope to purchase then this is the right one.

Objective Lens

Objective lens determines the field of view of a scope as earlier said. As I said earlier, an objective is a front lens which gathers light.It should, therefore, be big enough to give a bigger field of view. Tasco World Class Riflescope has an objective lens of 40mm. This large objective lens boosts light-gathering power and a good range of magnification

Magnification: 3x to 9x

It is among the scopes with the highest magnification and pocket-friendly. With the magnification range of X3 to X9 and considering the price then it deserves your needs.

Weather Friendly

This scope is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. As a result, it is 100% water proof, fog proof and of course shock proof. It is, therefore, the most popular all-around configuration for deer and big game hunting; matte black finish.

Quality Optics

This scope has been beautifully designed, and it offers the best quality optics with stunning HD clarity.

Quality Material

The scope is made up of a 100% quality material which has been tested extensively and has beautiful design and durability built to last.

Nikon Buck Master II Scope with BDC Reticle, 4-12 x 40mm

Boasting Nikon’s fully multicoated optical system and a versatile 4 to 12X magnification range, the pro-staff 4-12×40 Riflescope helps to put virtually any shot in your comfort zone.


The scope’s optical system transmits up to 98 percent of available light, ensuring maximum brightness in low-light, low contrast hunting situations in terrain.

To simplify field adjustments, Nikon also bears a zero-reset turret into the riflescope. Just sight in, as usual, lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob, rotate to your zero, and re-engage respectively.

Field adjustments are now as simple as dialing-in your subsequent ranges. And hunters will love the patented BD reticle, which allows them to remain dead on at ranges exceeding those previously thought to be possible.

The BDC’s uniqueness see-through ballistic circles impart an incredible advantage especially for long-range shooting, still allow a normal sight picture for the shorter-range shots where the crosshair itself can be the aiming point.


This scope has a magnification range between X4 and X12 making it the best in magnifying objects.It is, therefore, suitable for your long distance shooting.

Objective Lens

The scope has an objective lens of 40mm making it among the best in the market as it meets the standards.The field of view which is determined by the size of the objective lens is, therefore, large enough in this case.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

Nikon Buck Master II Scope with BDC Reticle is multi-coated. This increases light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. The system transmits up to 98 percent of available light as a result.

Weather Friendly

This scope is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. As a result, it is Nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed housing giving it 100% water proof, fog proof and of course shock proof. It is, therefore, the most popular all-around configuration for deer and big game hunting; matte black finish.

Other Features

This Scope has a zero-reset turret with the spring-loaded adjustment knob and 3.7 inches of eye relief. It also has BDC reticle hence quick-focus eyepiece.

Truglo Compact Strut N Rut Scope 4X32 with Rings Diamond

The Truglo 4 x 32 Compact Series is Waterproof / fog proof / nitrogen gas-filled. It has diamond reticle which is specially designed for shotgun hunting and is perfect for turkey and deer.


Also, it has fully-coated lenses which provide maximum brightness, clarity, and contrast. It has Rubber eye guard and fingertips windage and elevation adjustment under screw down caps.

Its durable leaf spring is for windage and elevation adjustments, and it has a one-piece tube made of aircraft quality aluminum, therefore, durable, scratch-resistant, non-reflective matte finish, and it comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Weather Friendly

This scope can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is Nitrogen-filled, O-ring-sealed housing giving it 100% water proof, fog proof and of course shock proof.Model TG8504BR includes rings for .22 and air rifles. Model TG8504BD/CD includes Weaver-style rings.

Diamond Reticle

The scope has a diamond reticle which is specially designed for shotgun hunting, and it is the perfect scope for turkey and deer hunting.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

The Truglo 4 x 32 Compact Series Reticle is multi-coated. This provides maximum brightness, clarity, and contrast.

One-Piece Tube

The scope is made of one-piece tube aircraft quality aluminum. This ensures durability and scratch resistant with a non-reflective matte finish. It also comes with rubber eye-guard and fingertip windage and elevation adjustment under screw down caps.

Why Is The Scout Scope Best For You ?

Scout Scopes are designed to help you inaccurate aiming and shooting. The best one will provide you with higher magnification for easier viewing, aiming and shooting. A scout scope will be ideal for the following reasons:

  • For long distance viewing
  • For sharp and accurate shooting
  • For learners who are training on long shooting
  • For experienced shooters who do not want to miss out on target
  • Saving on bullets as you will hit your target on fast attempt

If you are not careful when buying Scout Scope, you might end up buying a scope with so many features that you can never use. On the other hand, you might end up buying a cheaper scope with little or no features that you wanted. This will only frustrate you.

Before deciding on the best scope to buy for your needs, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself.These questions will help you get the Scout Scope that will satisfy your needs.Below are some of the questions you ought to ask yourself:

  • How far do you plan on shooting?
  • How big do you want the object to appear and space around it?
  • What light level do you need depending on the weather conditions throughout the year?
  • What amount of money are you willing to spend?
  • What is the main aim of purchasing the scope?

How to Choose Scout Scope

Before you purchase the scope that you want, there are some factors to consider. You should know that there are so many in the market with different design parameter and selecting the best will depend on what factor you consider. The following are some of the considerations:

Size Of The Objective Lens

This is the front lens of the scope. It gathers light, and its size gives the field of view. You do not want to have a very small field of view that will make you strain when viewing; neither do you want a very big one that will not meet your needs.


For instance, if you are short sighted, go for a scope with a relatively large objective lens. On the other hand, if you are long sighted, go for a smaller objective lens as a larger will not prove helpful.

Tube Size/Scope Body

The standard tube size or scope body side is one inch or 30mm. When you are going to purchase a scout scope, consider this as anything below these values will be considered below standard.

It will obviously be of low quality. Therefore, choose the right size of the tube because rings of the scope must match the diameter.

Ability To Work Under Extreme Weather

You will not spend your money on a scope that will perform poorly under harsh weather. Weather is not constant, and it is not predictable especially when you lack the knowledge and correct tools to do the predictions.

Therefore, a good scope is the one that can tolerate all weather prevailing conditions. It should, therefore, be waterproof, fog and shock proof.

Eyepiece Lens

Magnification is the key thing for any lens. A good scope should have a higher magnification so enhance focus. As a buyer, you will not need a scope that will not give you blurred images and difficulty when focusing.

Therefore, this is one of the considerations that you will have to put in mind when buying the scope. Choose the one with the highest magnification.

Other Considerations

In addition to the above-discussed factors, there are some other features that you need to consider before purchasing the right scope that will impress you. The following are some of the considerations:

  • Adjustment knobs for parallax                             
  •  The price of the scope
  • Eye relief
  • Presence of variable power to enable multiple adjustments
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Weight of the scope- should be light
  • Durability over time

Overall Impression

By now I am very certain that you have a better knowledge of what you want to purchase. The features you have to look for when purchasing a rifle scope are now well known to you.

With this ten Scout scopes, I am sure you are going to select the one that best fits you, and it is pocket-friendly to you.

I hope I have helped you get the Scout scope by highlighting the selling features of top rated Scout scopes that I highly recommend.

 Take your time and re-read again and carefully decide on the scope that best fits you before buying. All the best as you search for a scope for your shootings

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